There’s life beyond Airbnb: Discover other 7 online accommodations platforms

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Airbnb is the true giant of the collaborative economy phenomenon, with thousands of accommodations all over the planet that have revolutionized the way tourism is conceived. However, it isn’t the only platform of its kind. Would you like to get to know some of the best alternatives?

There are more and more users who choose to stay in one of the famous platform Airbnb’s accommodations, which offers all kinds of lodging options, from shared rooms and economic spaces to luxurious cottages or dream penthouses.

However, following Airbnb’s success, other online platforms with shared accommodations options have appeared or fallen. So, if you’re planning a trip or are about to plunge into an adventure, you can compare some of these possibilities or use one of the following apps that focus on renting apartments or rooms per night, a phenomenon called “home-sharing”.

Accommodation and lodging apps alternative to Airbnb:


  • HomeAwayThis is Airbnb’s main worldwide competitor and was created in 2005, designed for holiday rentals. The main difference is that entire homes are rented out, and they help homeowners earn an income with their second homes. They have a presence in 190 different countries and have two million ads in 23 different languages. Their competitive prices and spectacular locations make this platform a strong option. You’ll find options from private islands to trees houses or private mansions.
  • Wimdu: Under the motto “your holiday apartment, cheaper”, this platform born in Germany has also landed in Spain, with more than 350,000 apartments and holiday homes and can boast 10 million reserved nights, making it the largest holiday apartments portal in Europe. It lets you save up to 70% in accommodation, according to its creators.
  • Flipkey: This company is owned by the well-known TripAdvisor, and covers around 11,000 cities in 179 different countries and is characterized by providing very complete information about their apartments, which are verified by their managers. It has 5 million unique monthly visitors.
  • Homestay: This platform is fantastic to be able to delve into the local community, as it connects travelers with hosts in over 160 countries. With it, you have the opportunity to experience the reality of the place you are visiting.
  • Kindandcoe: This platform was born with the purpose of focusing on families traveling with small children and has more than 1,000 properties distributed in more than 50 different locations throughout the world.
  • Housetrip: This is a platform for renting holiday homes that allows hosts to rent their properties to guests. Its website defines it as the ideal alternative to staying in a hotel, implying authenticity, privacy, excellent value for money and flexibility with advantages such as extra space, extra rooms, kitchen, WiFi or laundry, without additional charges.