AI Buddy: A companion for kids whose parents are at war.

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AI Buddy” is a new app, which was created by a group of psychologists, pediatricians and web developers, and will play a significant role in many children’s life. On this app, children whose parents are at war will find some release. On AI Buddy a set of characters powered with Artificial Intelligence will provide kids with positive behavioral supports and will make them feel less lonely. These characters will become part of their family.
But these characters do not have random personalities:  they constitute their personality by collecting information from close relatives and scanning emails, texts and social media data.
In this way, if a child needs a piece of advice from her father but he is unfortunately at war, the kid will be able to ask AI Buddy.

Since 2001 until today, more than 3 million children in this world have seen their parents gone to war, and many of them didn’t see them come back, sadly. These kids have a tendency to become depressive, and 1 out of 4 considers to kill themselves.
It is important to remember that there has been a worldwide rise in adolescent suicide rates in both developed and developing countries.

AI Buddy checks physical inputs to detect emergencies, and it keeps in touch: This app sends messages to kid’s smart phones or tablets, using the information it was recollecting to make it sound as something that the person who is at war would have said. This app also tells the kids to have a good night or a good day, and can tell stories at bedtime.

“This app Works in the USA right now, but it will soon be translated to Spanish and work in other countries”, said Gonzalo Alonso, the development manager of AI Buddy.

AI Buddy shares updates of the children who use it regularly, so their families know they are fine and being supported.

If the close person who is at war dies, this app will help the child go through the grieving process with a loyal companion, educating him or her under the culture of peace.

“Every day, words like war, nuclear bombs, massive destruction appear more and more on almost every app. This is why we’ve chosen to develop something which at least will help a little”- Gustavo Lauria, chief creative officer of the project.